We need your help to save Limekilns Pier

Latest news...A 15 strong pier rescue team is now in place!

There are many ways to help and as volunteers we need as much help as possible.  

Lend us your enthusiasm, expertise, energy and effort to save Limekilns Pier before it disappears into the sea.


Limekilns Pier Revival

A small group of villagers have received permission from Lord Elgin to identify what support there is from residents to investigate the feasibility of reviving the pier to its former glory. The group believe that with fellow villagers, visitors and ex-residents all in support, as well as in kind support pledged by Lord Elgin, there is a viable option to re-build the damaged sections of the pier.

Limekilns Pier is in a desperate state 

The pier is currently listed on the 'Buildings at Risk register for Scotland' as AT RISK. The condition is described as 'very poor' and risk category defined as 'high'.

Why Limekilns Pier is Historically Important

Limekilns harbour was for centuries the Port of Dunfermline in Fife and was constituted by David II in 1362, however it was likely to have been used as a harbour before this period. The Ghauts (Scot's name for a trench) are an approx. 100 ft. wide by 150 ft. long cutting in a low ridge of rocks forming an entrance. The cutting is 9ft high and the ridge slopes away on either side. There is much fallen debris and the remains of mooring posts on both sides.

The present pier was constructed in the 16th century and runs straight out for 250 yds. and is 120 yds. short of the ghauts. The pier is in the Fife Council and the Dunfermline Parish. It is a category C building and was listed on 19/12/1979.