Charity Status Received!  by Craig Lindsay

While the tides in the River Forth continue to lap the old stones of Limekilns Pier, good progress continues to be made on setting in place a scheme to restore the damage to the south-west corner of the structure. The start of 2017 was marked by the great news that the restoration group’s bid to set up a charitable trust in order to raise funds and move nearer to a start of the repair scheme had been successful - from now on the group will be known as Limekilns Heritage Trust SCIO.

With this organisational hurdle safely out of the way, the new trust can forge ahead with turning into reality all the plans which have been dreamed about, discussed and drafted over the past year. Requirements as varied as a new survey of the damage and the setting up of a bank account are now moving forward. Russell Kelly, Robert Peebles, and Gavin Carter were voted into the posts of, respectively, chair, treasurer and secretary at the last meeting.

"We are delighted to have gained charitable trust status because it means we can begin to turn our hopes and plans for the pier into action," commented Russell. "It also means we can invite people to become members of Limekilns Heritage Trust, with their expertise and their subscriptions putting us on a good footing for the future, and we invite everyone in the villages to join us as members," he continued.

The new trust has entered into a lease agreement with Lord Elgin, an arrangement which will allow the trust to raise funds by organising local events and approaching grant-giving bodies. New Year’s Day saw another highly successful Limekilns Dip in the River Forth at the pier and organised by Alex Hill, the donations from individuals and local business supporters going to Limekilns Heritage Trust.

If you are interested in joining the Trust, please register your details here.

Chairman's Comment by Russell Kelly

The new Trust is entering into a lease agreement with the Estate - a vital arrangement which will allow the Trust to approach grant giving bodies for funding. The Estate has generously agreed to pay for half of the legal and professional fees for setting up the lease. 

New Years Day saw another highly successful Breakfast Dip at the Pier which was organised by Alex Hill with donations from individuals and local business supporters passing to Limekilns Heritage Trust.

Whilst the donations from the Dip were substantial it unfortunately falls short of covering our share of the fees for setting up the lease together our other costs.


                                               THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN HELP 


Expect to see Tin rattling fundraisers soon!!. Alternatively you could help by donating directly to the Limekilns Heritage Trust bank account. Please contact us here if you wish to make a donation!